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Sep 14, 2020

Standardization, flexibility and efficiency: three key words to distinguish the integration between MG2 and OPTEL

The partnership focuses on GSL10 side-loading case packer and OPTEL vision systems.

One of MG2 strength point is represented by its technological tradition applied to the development of flexible and highly-efficient machines that can be adapted to any production both in the processing and in the packaging context. It is exactly for its Packaging Division that MG2 developed a successful project together with OPTEL Group, a Canadian multinational company specialised in the serialization and tracking systems with many offices all over the world and B-Corporation certified.

More precisely, the partnership between the two companies, which has lasted for several years, has allowed the development of a standard communication protocol for the quick and effective integration of OPTEL serialization and aggregation systems to MG2 end-of-line packaging equipment. In this case, the OPTEL hardware integration project includes two inspection systems: the first one is based on a verification camera equipped with illuminators for shipper label verification; the second one is also based on a verification camera equipped with an illuminator to verify QR codes on stacked cartons. 

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