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Jun 3, 2020

Always hand in hand with our customers: MG2 remote solutions

During COVID-19 outbreak, many MG2 service solutions are available on remote mode such as the Onlineservice platform to consult the technical documentation, the extraordinary on-site repair service, the remote FATs, testing and troubleshooting and so on…

We introduced a series of technological projects being particularly useful in managing situations that impose the distance between people, by always focusing on one goal: to be as closer as possible to out partners.

For many years, our website has offered a series of 24-hour services such as the access to the technical documentation on the Onlineservice platform, through a dedicated account, which gives our customers the opportunity to both view the specific documentation of his machine and access to the spare parts catalogue.

It allows to guarantee immediate support in case of technical problems, breakages and wearing issues.

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