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MG2: modularity, flexibility, innovation and 360° solutions

Founded in 1966, MG2 is based in Pianoro (Bologna), the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley. Today, the company is leader in the designing and manufacturing of both automatic machines to dose pharmaceutical products into hard-shell capsules and packaging machines.

MG2 Processing Division range includes automatic machines suitable to dose products into hard-shell capsules and small containers (e.g. sealing caps for reconstituting drugs), dosing heads (to be connected to blistering machines) for the direct dosing of pharmaceutical products into blister packs and ancillary machines, which can be used either stand-alone or in-line with the capsule fillers.

MG2 boasts over 50 years of experience in this field, since the launch of the first continuous motion capsule filler in 1966; over the years, MG2 has introduced innovative solutions such as the statistical weight control system, which evolved into the first 100% weight control system integrated to the machine, checking in process the net weight of all capsules produced. Nowdays MG2 is a leading supplier which can offer the weighing systems suitable to carry out in process control up to 200.000 capsules/hour. Today, MG2 Processing Division is an essential point of reference to companies looking for both flexible systems and high performances.

MG2 Packaging Division designs, manufactures and markets packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and foodstuffs. The range includes: blistering machines; cartoners; forming/filling/closing machines for displays cardboard boxes and trays; vertical and horizontal case packers and palletizers, which can be easily configured in order to be to integrated to complete packaging lines. MG2 also offers serialization systems for cartons and bottles.

Solutions offered are the top of technology, while their flexibility makes them suitable to meet any requirements, for big companies with great production batches as well as small laboratories. MG2 is a preferential supplier of the main pharmaceutical multinational companies and contract manufacturers. Over 90% of the turnover comes from the international market, where MG2 is present thanks to its branch in the United States - MG America - and an extensive network of more than 40 agents all over the world.


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