Methanol Methanol Production Started

Editor: Sonja Beyer

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical and Mitsubishi Corporation have started operation of the second plant at Metanol de Oriente (Metor), a joint venture for the production and sale of methanol that both companies founded with the Venezuelan state-owned petrochemicals company Pequiven.

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The new plant has an annual production capacity of 850,000 tons. Following its decision on investment at the end of 2006, Metor began construction of the new plant, which was completed in spring 2010. After commissioning, the plant started commercial producing methanol in August. It increases Metor’s annual production capacity from 750,000 tons to 1.6 million tons. Methanol serves primarily as a raw material for chemicals such as formalin and acetic acid, but is expected to be applied to a range of new applications, including use in biodiesel and dimethyl ether. World demand for methanol, now at approximately 42 million tons, will likely continue to grow by 4 to 5 percent annually.