France: Cedigaz on the Future of Gas Medium and Long Term Natural Gas Outlook

Editor: Alexander Stark

Cedigaz, the International Association for Natural Gas Information, has released its "Medium and Long Term Natural Gas Outlook 2016".

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Natural gas will play a growing role in a gradually decarbonising energy system.
Natural gas will play a growing role in a gradually decarbonising energy system.
(Picture: Cedigaz)

Paris/France – The scenario, which incorporates key objectives of current and planned national energy policies, highlights the growing role of natural gas as a bridge fuel towards a long-term increasingly renewable-based, efficient and sustainable energy system. Given the vast low-cost coal resources, the future expansion of natural gas in the global energy mix will be driven by the implementation of energy and environmental policies aiming to shift away from coal and oil to cleaner fuels within the context of a gradually decarbonising electricity system. According to Cedigaz, the future global natural gas expansion is supported by strong supply growth, particularly of unconventional gas and LNG, in a context of rising prices as energy markets re-balance.

  • Natural gas demand is projected to grow by 1.6 %/year over 2014-2035, driven by emerging markets, where natural gas is making substantial inroads in power generation and industry.
  • Natural gas supply is driven by the US (shale gas), Asia-Oceania (unconventional gas) and the Middle East
  • Interregional trade will account for an increasing share of global supply

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