Process Automation in India

Maximum Potential for the Global Automation Market in Developing Countries

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A Growing Awareness

Owing to the growing social awareness, economic restructuring and technological advancements, since last few years, the Indian process plant automation market scenario has changed drastically. Majority of the Indian process plant decision makers are now quite aware of their needs, and look for the best solution, where cost factor is often not the only determining criterion. A number of automation vendors in India are now well-equipped to provide support to the Indian process plant owners with their latest technologies.

Process Automation in India: Where's the Catch?

Some technological innovations; such as availability of highly sensitive sensors, extremely efficient actuators, advent of advanced wireless technology, reduced form factors of hardware components, development of materials for harsh environments, availability of smart machine vision cameras and development of extremely intelligent control software have aided them to noticeably enrich their catalogues.


But, still a stumbling block lies on the way of implementing the automation solutions. As each and every process plant has its own set of challenges, fresh automation engineers sometimes fail to address them because of lack of process experience. This gap needs to be bridged with the combined effort from the vendor and the user.

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