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Discover how Cone Valve technology gives you a competitive edge

Matcon deliver Cone Valve Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) systems to companies in the Food, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical & Chemical sectors, providing efficient & flexible processing of powders, granules & tablets, achieving increased productivity & improved product quality.

Matcon has been successfully delivering top quality, innovative solutions to the powder handling industry for over 35 years. Specialising in efficient and flexible processing of powders, granules and tablets using proven Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) technology, our solutions are supplied across a range of manufacturing industries, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical and metal powders.

Each Matcon IBC incorporates our unique Cone Valve technology which provides controlled discharge of material without the risk of segregation, bridging or blocking. The IBCs stimulate cohesive materials to flow and control free-flowing powders. Mass-flow discharge protects all blended mixes from segregation, producing a quality final product every time.  Even for some of the most difficult to handle powders.

A major advantage of IBCs is the ability to maximise productivity even when accommodating a widening portfolio of recipes or handling allergens.  Total manufacturing flexibility is achieved because material is blended in the IBC, meaning that recipe changeovers are virtually instantaneous as there is no need to clean down.  In addition, the decoupled nature of the system means that manufacturing flow is optimised and output maximised, keeping OEE rates high on the essential processes of Blending and Packing.  

The introduction of a High Shear Intensifier to the Matcon IBC Blender has expanded the range of blending capabilities to incorporating liquid additions and being able to process cohesive powders. Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy enables Matcon to prove mix homogeneity and identify accurate recipe blend times, without using invasive sampling.

Offering a personalised service that ensures a successful project from beginning to end, we have implemented a wide range of IBC systems from the simple decoupling of a fixed mixer to improve throughput, to a straightforward fill, blend and pack arrangement, right up to the most complex multi-batch, multi-mixer, fully tracked system.

Matcon is part of applied solutions provider IDEX Corporation and works alongside its other business units Fitzpatrick, Quadro and Microfluidics.

Why not contact us today to discuss your industry challenges and find out how you could revolutionise your powder production capabilities.