Pharmapackaging Marchesini is Looking for New Marketplaces

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

The 2015 turnover of the Marchesini Group hits 270 million. CEO Maurizio Marchesini is looking foreward to new marketplaces focusing the next challenges.

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Maurizio Marchesini, CEO of the Group and Chairman of the Industrialists Association of Emilia-Romagna.
Maurizio Marchesini, CEO of the Group and Chairman of the Industrialists Association of Emilia-Romagna.
(Bild: Marchesini)

Pianoro (Bologna) – In 2015, when the Italian turnover of the packaging machinery industry hit 6.1 billion Euro, with exports earning 80% of the proceeds, the Marchesini Group recorded a rise of 9% in its turnover, moving up from 247 million Euro in 2014 to 270 million. This result replicates last year’s, when proceeds rose by 11% compared with 2013, which was certainly not expected considering the trend of the manufacturing market at that time. In 2015, orders for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machines remained substantially stable.

Maurizio Marchesini, CEO of the Group and Chairman of the Industrialists Association of Emilia-Romagna, believes that the stakeholders of this industry have to accept new challenges and cross the boundaries of Europe and its developed markets in order to continue battling German competitors.

“If we want to keep the export shares of our Packaging Valley high, we need to focus on politically and socially unstable countries with the aim to cast solid foundations for when their markets settle” Maurizio Marchesini commented when talking about the Group’s growth in turnover.

“I am thinking about Ukraine, where we opened a new branch in January to help us meet the demands of companies of the OTC markets, which are abandoning their old systems to buy new and more economic ones. There is also Iran, where we have been doing business for several years, which makes us hopeful for the future of this country, also considering that international sanctions have been lifted, consequently the local economy will be able to invest again in foreign countries and release various assets.

Algeria too, where we are meeting the new and strong demand for liquid filling and blister packaging lines, and in Myanmar, where we have managed to stipulate a contract to supply machinery to a state-owned pharmaceutical company thanks to the fact that the protective hold has been slackened and thanks to the excellence of our Made in Italy brand”.

Approval from China and America, and surprisingly also from South Africa, where the customer portfolio is continuing to grow, proves that the sector can look to the future with encouragement despite the difficulties of the economic situation, he says.

Moving on from 2015, this new year offers two major events for the Group. First, the international packaging venue at Pharmintech (Bologna, April 13th to 15th) where the Marchesini Group will setup an impressive stand to welcome customers from all over the world.

Later, in October, the new factory in Carpi will be inaugurated, where work is in progress to create a factory that will become the biggest of the thermoforming centre in Italy. Both events will provide an opportunity to illustrate the Group’s Code of Ethics, which aims to better organise the business activities of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Code was published on January 1st 2016 and was given to all the employees and stakeholders. It provides the principles and behavioural aspects focused on preserving safety, liberty and human dignity, according to law, but above all on continuing to grow responsibly.