Single Pot Processing Managing High Potency Safely

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

The Collette UltimaPro 25 Single Pot Processor from GEA Pharma Systems allows contained processing of highly potent active ingredients, including mixing, granulation and drying, in a single machine.

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R&D Single Pot Processor (Picture: GEA Pharma)
R&D Single Pot Processor (Picture: GEA Pharma)

With a capacity of 4–8.5 kg, the model on display is ideal for laboratories and small production volumes. Options include the company’s Hicoflex flexible coupling, which avoids the need for operators to wear personal protective equipment, and a Lighthouse Probe to eliminate sampling. Also available are Buck high-containment split butterfly valves, or isolator boxes, for feed and discharge ports. Built-in recovery of more than 99 percent of organic solvents reduces risk of cross-contamination. For cleaning, the UltimaPro can be supplied with a wide range of washing-in-place and cleaning-in-place (CIP) options. A complete changeover takes less than two hours, the company says.