ACHEMA Partnering Conference Making Contacts at the ACHEMA Partnering Conference

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Make your ACHEMA visit successful by teaming up with interesting partners from research and industry. The ACHEMA Partnering Conference helps you to make interesting contacts with the full range of exhibitors and visitors.

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(Picture: DECHEMA)
(Picture: DECHEMA)

Almost 4,000 exhibition stands. Small, large, colourful, stylish, down-to-earth, sparkling chromium devices, packaging lines in full run, do-it-yourself experiments, communication corners. About 175,000 visitors. Engineers, chemists, biotechnologists, investors, managers, scientists, technology seekers, potential future employees. For almost every technological question there should be the right contact — but how do you find him? How can you identify who might be interested in your technology offer or who could supply the equipment you require for your latest project? ACHEMA Partnering enables you to research the full breadth of exhibitors and visitors looking out for specific offerings or seeking cooperation partners.

Partnering Conference for the Process–Industry

Partnering is a well-known tool in the life sciences community, but so far not very common in the process industry. The idea is simple: Whoever is on the look-out for potential cooperation partners registers in the web-based partnering tool. Here he can also enter his specific interests supported by structured qualification criteria. In a personalized agenda, time slots can be marked as “booked” for congress or other activities. Each participant can search the database for other people who match his interests. The search includes the websites and profiles of all registered participants. If he identifies an interesting contact, he sends an inquiry for a meeting. The other person is informed via e-mail or SMS and can agree or decline; if he agrees, the system schedules a half-hour meeting based on the available meeting slots of both discussion partners. Meetings can take place during ACHEMA at a stand or in a designated partnering area. The partnering system will open two months before ACHEMA and stay available for one month afterwards.

Optimise Your Schedule with the ACHEMA Partnering Conference

ACHEMA Partnering will help visitors and exhibitors to optimise their ACHEMA schedule and to achieve as many high-quality meetings as possible. Registration to the partnering conference gives access to thousands of participants looking for cooperative development deals and business partnerships.

ACHEMA partnering is free for exhibitors. Information on the fees for visitors and detailed registration procedures are available on