Granulation System Maintainability Increased

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

Alexanderwerk presents the new “AGS“ (Automatic Granulation System). This is an electromechanical adjustment of the screen basket, enabling the user to position the screen basket towards the rotor by means of a drive unit and thus granting always the same distance between rotor and screen, even if using different screen sizes.

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(Picture: Alexanderwerk / Dirk Beumer)

The adjustment is fully automatic and is reproducible, so ensures a continuous production. Defined settings can be stored in recipes and assigned to different products. At the same time the system allows to monitor the production process for quality control purposes. Furthermore, the ease of maintenance is considerably increased by this system.

In future, the AGS will be gradually used on all machine types. There is already a retrofit version for the WP 120 Pharma. The installation of this system is available for existing machines too.

Powtech: Hall 1, Stand 220

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