UK: Natural Gas Storage Shutdown Main Gas Storage in the UK Shut Down for Safety Inspections

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Site operator Centrica has shut down the Rough gas storage in the North Sea, the main storage for natural gas, for safety inspections in late June-16. With about 70% of British storage capacity now being taken of the grid, LNG shipments and mainland Europe have to fill in the gap.

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(Picture: John R. Perry (CC0))

London/United Kingdom – Gas prices for winter 2017 jumped up by ight percent after the announcement that the Rough storage has to be temporarily shut down for safety inspections. The site is used to store excess gas during the summer for use in winter and holds up 70% of the UK’S storage capacity. It can provide about 10% of the Kingdom’s gas demand in winter when fully filled. The site is expected to come back on-stream in August 2016.

Although natural gas supply from mainland Europe and LNG cargoes from north America are expected to fill any shortfall in supply for the 2016/17 winter that develops during the 42-day outage..

An outage at Rough is expected to last until at least 3 August and raises the prospect that Britain will enter the winter with record-low stocks, as the storage is currently five percent below its average June filling level and unable to take in further gas in July.

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