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Company name Lutz Pumpen GmbH
Street Erlenstr. 5 -7
ZIP/Location 97877 Wertheim
Country Germany
Phone +49 (0)9342 879-0
Fax +49 (0)9342 879-404

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Lutz Pumpen GmbH

Lutz Pumpen develops and manufactures drum and container pumps, flow meters, compressed air double diaphragm pumps as well as centrifugal pumps and distributes these four core competences via a global distribution network. Lutz products are used in many industries.

The Lutz company - family-owned for 65 years

The Lutz trademark stands for highest quality and operational reliability of pumps such as drum pumps for emptying and conveying various liquids from canisters, drums, IBC containers and other containers. That's no coincidence: since the company was founded by Karl Lutz in 1954, the company has been manufacturing pumps and has created ideal production facilities in Wertheim over the past decades. As a result, it has been possible to successfully establish the Lutz brand on the national and international market.


The Lutz group of companies consists of high-performance medium-sized companies from various industries and locations in Germany and abroad. Each company in the group specializes in different core competencies, which combine many years of experience and comprehensive expertise. More than 450 employees worldwide are now involved in the Lutz group of companies.


Competence, experience and passion are the success factors that drive us and all our employees on a daily basis. Safety at work and maintaining health are just as important to us as motivation and team spirit. Thus we are always prepared for future challenges. Request your individual offer today.


“Lutz is the reliable partner when liquids should professionally and safely be pumped“. 
As a well-known manufacturer of innovative and high-quality pumps, we are happy to support our users in finding the optimal solution for their pumping tasks. The motto "Safety is our conceren" is our top priority and therefore we contribute worldwide to the safe pumping of liquids and to environmental protection.



Number of employees: ca. 450