Methanol to Propylene Technology Lurgi to Build Methanol to Propylene Facility in China

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The rapid exploration of China's vast coal reserves and the country's efforts to build a domestic, coal based basic chemicals industry offer new potentials for innovative Methanol-to-Propylene (MTP) technology. Air Liquide's subsidiary Lurgi was now assigned to build a second MTP plant for a Chinese coal industry group.

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(Picture: Air Liquide)
(Picture: Air Liquide)

Frankfurt/Germany; Ningdong/PR China – Air Liquide's Engineering & Construction division has signed a contract with the Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group (SNCG) for an all-new 500,000 tons/year Methanol-to-Propylene (MTP) plant. This plant will be the second facility of SNCG to employ Air Liquide's MTP technology and the third large-scale MTP plant licensed by Lurgi, a German branch of Air Liquide.

The contract comprises the basic engineering, license and supply of proprietary equipment as well as services for procurement and technical advisory services at the site. SNCG already worked closely together with Lurgi's engineers in the commissioning and startup of its MTP-1 plant, the first industrial scale application of Lurgi's MTP technology. The new facility will be build in Ningdong, Ningxia province, North-Western China. Engineering is expected to completed around April 2012.

François Venet, chairman of the E&C committee declared: “The MTP technology offers very promising perspectives to fight the world´s dependency on crude oil. Today, thanks to its cost-efficient and state-of-the-art technology Air Liquide is well positioned to play a major role mastering environmental challenges. We are proud to be able to contribute to SNCG’s responsible and rapid development thanks to Lurgi’s strong relationship with SNCG and the mutual reliability and trust which are major factors for continuing our fruitful collaboration today.”