Two Parts in One System Lump Breaker is Adaptable to Any Crushing Requirement

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

The system of CO.RA. is composed of two parts with different functions: One part reduces the size of the product; the other allows to further reduce the size to be able to be crushed by a common mill.

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Lump Breaker is Adaptable to Any Crushing Requirement.
Lump Breaker is Adaptable to Any Crushing Requirement.
(Picture: CO.RA.)

The first part is composed of a shaft equipped with blades placed in a helicoid way, moved by a pneumatic system in grade of achieving alternate movements of 180° in both ways rotation senses and it is designed in a way to be easily applied in any hopper, container or existing piping. The system is conceived to be adapted to any type of product to be crushed, by changing quantity, and the position and profile of the blades.

The second part is composed of a Special Rotating Valve that closes the discharge of the hopper, the valve, with appropriate devices to the rotor, contemporarily carries out the reduction of the granules and the constant feeding of the machine to feed until the hopper is discharged.

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