Fuel and Lubricants/Laboratories Lubrizol Upgrades its Fuel and Lubricants Laboratories in India

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The Lubrizol Corporation has planned to upgrade its existing additives testing capabilities in Mumbai. The existing facility includes additive and lubricant sample blending, physical and chemical analyses and performance testing. Renovations will include consolidation of several existing labs into a modern lab capitalizing on synergistic system.

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(Picture: Lubrizol)
(Picture: Lubrizol)

Mumbai/India – The ongoing advances in the transportation market in India demand better quality fuels and lubricants. The testing facility in Mumbai will provide quality services for lubricant, fuel and industrial additive customers and OEMs in India.

Bringing all these activities together in a new, expanded laboratory space will increase efficiency, provide for additional types of testing allowing Lubrizol to deliver results quickly. The upgrade is scheduled to be completed by mid 2012.

The facility will be linked to Lubrizol’s global R&D and testing system through its computer network, providing 24-hour access to global data in support of customers. It is expected to meet the demand for lubricant testing in the next five years.