Polyalphaolefins Lubrications Feedstock Lubrications Feedstock Production in Europe

Editor: Dominik Stephan

American Chemtura invests on the European market: the company recently announced plans to produce lubrication feedstocks in the Dutch Amsterdam.

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(Picture: Chemtura)
(Picture: Chemtura)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/USA – Chemtura announced plans to establish European production lines: the American company recently began engineering works for a synthetic basestock productions at Amsterdam/The Netherlands. With the production of its Synton high viscosity polyalphaolefins (which are a basic material for lubrications) in Europe the company aims to enhance its service level for foreign customers.Sean O’Connor, president/general manager of Chemtura Petroleum Additives, said: “Chemtura is increasing capacity and establishing a European manufacturing capability for HVPAO in order to meet the increasing global demand for these products and locate production capacity in a region of significant demand growth.” Earlier this year, Chemtura already invested in expanding its polyalphaolefins production in Canada.