Achema 2018 Outlook Looming on the Horizon: 32nd Achema Adresses Tomorrow's Challenges

Author / Editor: Dr. Thomas Scheuring* / Dr. Jörg Kempf

Considering today’s work pace an event mid 2018 feels pretty far away. But — then again …

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ACHEMA 2018: Exhibition Layout
ACHEMA 2018: Exhibition Layout
(Source: DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH)

Large events need to be organized well in advance. And ACHEMA 2018 no doubt will be large in every aspect: 170,000 participants from more than 100 countries, including 30,000 executives, will make ACHEMA the top communication hub of the process industry. In 2018 ACHEMA will again be the place where technology trends are launched, investment decisions are taken and new ventures initiated.

Nowhere is the heartbeat of the process industry faster, more intense, more up-to-date, more innovative and international than here: ACHEMA is the trend-setting event for all sectors of our industry, is showcase of current technological developments and technology platform with a worldwide signalling effect.


Setting the Pace

What sets ACHEMA apart from other trade shows for our sector is the synergy potential which is being created through sheer technological diversity. Environmental protection, biotechnology or materials science for instance are all topics of overriding significance, exploiting technological solutions which are all enabled by process engineering.

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Production-integrated environmental protection has correspondingly become one of the hallmarks of ACHEMA. Or, another example: nowhere is the merging of molecular and industrial biotechnology as tangible as at ACHEMA.

Adressing Tomorrow's Challenges

And the list goes on: Given the shortage of water resources, efficient industrial water management is an essential requirement for the operation of any industrial site. Today’s challenges, such as the energy turnaround, demand innovative solutions — that in turn rely on the progress in materials science. But, without coherent safety concepts, all of this is: Nothing!