Catalyst Technology Long-Term Disinfection of Water Circulation Systems

| Editor: Doris Popp

Sustainability and the environmental impact are becoming increasingly important factors in water treatment applications. With this in mind, new strategies for carbon footprint optimized and eco-friendly water treatment were placed at the center of attention at the Berkefeld/VWS Germany press conference at Achema.

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Volker Alps (left) and Peter Guttmann (rights) present the latest Berkefeld water treatment products.
Volker Alps (left) and Peter Guttmann (rights) present the latest Berkefeld water treatment products.
(Picture: Ottleben)

Berkefeld computes the carbon footprint of its water treatment systems to help reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption and cost. “Our figures include all greenhouse gas emissions which are generated during the lifecycle of our systems, including project and application specific factors,” explained Volker Alps who is in charge of the Solutions Business Unit at Berkefeld. What logically follows from the computations is an intensive optimization of existing technologies and development of new ones.

New VWS MOL catalyzer technology for eliminating biofilm in process water and cooling loops without the use of chemical agents shows how technological innovation can reduce CO2 emissions and alleviate the environmental impact of water treatment systems. “Without countermeasures, biofouling and scaling cause organic and mineral deposits on surfaces in water systems and that has an impact on energy efficiency and operational reliability,” said Peter Guttmann who is head of Disinfection Business Development/Product Management.

The all-metal catalyzer with solid-state features used for disinfection ultimately produces oxidative breakdown of microorganisms following activation with H2O2. The tenside properties of the residual partially oxidized fatty acids result in removal of the biofilm from the affected surfaces. The latest incarnation of the technology uses low-energy light instead of H2O2.