Water Proofing Market Liquid Applied Membranes Still far From Full Potential

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The market for liquid applied membranes in India witnesses a new technology generation in the waterproofing segment. The market holds about 45 per cent of the overall waterproofing system, but low user awareness level coupled with lower acceptance held the market from capitalizing upon its full potential.

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Liquid applied membranes already make up 45% of India's waterproofing market
Liquid applied membranes already make up 45% of India's waterproofing market
(Picture: PROCESS)

As per the study done by Research and Markets, the major market is accounted by acrylic modified cementitious membranes, which require less sophisticated technologies as compared to other polymer modified LAMs. This has given way to various small and mid-size domestic companies to operate in this specific business segment. Currently domestic players hold about 60 per cent of the total market share. With growing need of durability in structure coupled with green buildings requirement, the market is expected to require high end LAM waterproofing systems.

According to India Liquid Applied Membranes Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018, the research report from Research and Markets, the market for liquid applied membranes market in India is on its growth trajectory with huge opportunities and unfulfilled customer demands. The industry revenues for liquid applied membranes are expected to witness the compounded annual growth rate of 20 per cent till 2018. The report also forebodes that Sika and BASF are going to maintain its lead in LAM market by 2018.