Floating Liquefied Natural Gas FLNG Linde Develops Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Facility

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Linde announced that the company and cooperation partner SBM Offshore agreed on a partnership with FLNG Limited and PTTEP Australasia Offshore for the development of a floating liquefied gas facility that is to be stationed in the Timor Sea north of Australia.

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(Picture: Linde)
(Picture: Linde)

Munich/Germany - The project is planned to harvest natural gas from three Timor Sea gas fields (namely Cash/maple, Oliver and Southern. Preliminary studies are underway to asses the gas resources in these fields. If the results meet the expectations, the project will enter into front-end engineering and design studies by the end of 2011. Final investment decisions will be made by the end of 2013, so that commercial operations could well begin by the end of 2016.

Linde will develop and build the topsides of this floating facility including production, storage and offloading installation. The FLNG will employ Linde's proprietary natural gas liquefaction technology. Dutch SBM Offshore is a leading supplier of offshore oil and gas industries. Offshore operations using floating processing and storage facilities can help to access offshore gas fields that could not be eceomicaly harvested with conventional pipeplines.

Linde and SBM decided to jointly plan, develop and operate the FLNG facility for PTTEP Australasia, the operator of the gas fields. Linde hopes to get a wider access to the growing LNG world market and offshore operations trough this operation.

The new FLNG will be located some 680 kilometers west of Darwin Australia, about 200 kilometers south of the Indonesian coast. The operating companies expect a yield of two million tonnes of LNG per year.