BIOTECHNICA 2011 Life Science Spotlight Presents Scientific Content

Editor: Marion Henig

This year Life Science Research (LSR), a department of the Diagnostica-Industry-Organization (VDGH) again provides a platform for scientific dialogues. Recent methods in protein-analysis, Stem Cells and Forensics are the topics of the presentations in 2011.

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For four years Life Science Spotlight shows a remarkable increase in popularity.

Protein-analysis, Stem Cells and Forensics

This forum, which was launched in cooperation with Deutsche Messe presents scientific lectures referring to the most recent topics in science. The steadily increasing interest in this forum is due to the fact that the presenting experts focus only on their research and the scientific content – there is no marketing message attached. Each of the three exhibition days covers a topic on its own. This year the scientific areas are “recent methods in protein-analysis”, “Stem Cells” and “Forensics”.

People visiting the exhibition can look forward to listening to exiting lectures held by top-class scientists. Among others, Prof. Dr. Albert Sickmann (Dortmunder Institute for Analytical Sciences (ISAS) will talk about his recent work on protein-analysis. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Wagner (Helmholtz Institut für Biomedizinische Technologie) will grant insights into his scientific findings, made during his research study about Stem Cells.

Focus on Research and Scientific Content

But not all speakers work in an academic enviroment. For example Dr. Rainer Schubbert (Eurofins Medigenomixs) will lecture in the forensic session about aspects of crime prevention in a steadily merging Europe. This for sure will be interesting also for visitors who are not exactly experts in forensics.