Field Bus Cables Leoni Supplies Field Bus Cables for Reliance's Jamnagar Project

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Cable provider Leoni will supply field bus infrastructure for the world's largest oil and gas refinery: The German company will provide cables for the third stage of Reliance Industries' Jamnagar mega–scale petro–plant.

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German cables for India's mega–scale petro project: Leoni supplies field bus infrastructure for Reliance.
German cables for India's mega–scale petro project: Leoni supplies field bus infrastructure for Reliance.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Jamnagar, Gujarat/India – Reliance has commissioned Leoni to supply the third expansion stage of its refinery plant in Gujarat with instrumentation and field bus cable for measurement and control equipment. The cables specialist already equipped the first two construction phases of the largest single-site refinery plant in the world with high-quality, special cables. These were still made exclusively at Leoni’s facility in Stolberg, Germany. Leoni will be manufacturing half of the products now ordered, 80 percent of which are to be made and delivered before the end of this year, locally at its plant in Pune, which was opened in 2013. The project involving wiring at Jamnagar, the world's largest oil and gas refinery, is worth about EUR 22 million.

Long–Standing Co–Operation with India's Process Industry

This order from Reliance, a long-standing customer, underscores the significance of India to Leoni’s business, given that the country promises appealing, medium and long-term growth prospects for several of the Company's target markets. Alongside the oil and gas sector, these are above all the automotive industry, rolling stock as well as photovoltaic and solar thermal plants. Leoni built its cables plant near Pune to be able to better supply its regional customers in India and neighbouring countries.

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