Leading Process Industries Fair Attracts Nearly 170.000 Visitors

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Future Growth in Emerging Markets

Most participants agreed that future growth is foremost expected for emerging markets like China and India: Population growth, urbanization, increasing mobility and strongly growing energy demand are driving forces for the chemical industry, association speakers stated during the opening. With a developing middle class and a fast industrialisation especially emerging markets offer growth opportunities: 75 of the global growth in chemicals for the coming decade could be attributed to the new markets, Prof. Dr. Rainer Diercks, Member of the Board of DECHEMA explained at a press conference.

Most International ACHEMA Ever

But also the US and Canada expect a renaissance of the process industry after a long period of de–industrialization: Alternative natural gas, commonly called shale gas, is expected to be a game changer: Natural gas has become a cheap source of energy as well as increasingly attractive as a feedstock for chemical processes for the production of methanol or ammonia in the US.

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As a result, the exhibitor numbers from China and India grew by more than ten percent, the DECHEMA reported. Now more than 50 percent of the roughly 3,800 exhibiting companies are foreign firms - a growth that the organisers hope will continue in the future.

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