Valves and process automation Latest Trends for the Process Industries

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

At its press conference on Tuesday, Festo presented a number of new products and services that it is offering. Among them are a new standard Namur valve, the VZQA pinch valves and the DFPI-NB3 linear actuator.

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The standard Namur valve VSNC is certified with explosion-proof standards and features a modern design and durable quality with an attractive price-performance ratio. It is suitable for a wide range of industry segments and applications including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water technology and food production.

With a temperature range of –20 to 60 °C, the valves can also be used in an extended range of ambient conditions. The simplicity of the Festo valves allows for ease of ordering.

Pinch valves VZQA offer modularity, flexibility and straightforward servicing. They can be an alternative to diaphragm or ball valves in some applications and minimal flow resistance keeps the valves from clogging. A variety of connection caps, housing materials and sealing components allow for a variety of configuration options.

The linear actuator DFPI-NB3 represents a new generation of pneumatic cylinders. It offers a robust construction that makes it suitable for harsh environments.