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Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Preserving vitamins, natural flavour and long use by dates are top priorities when it comes to producing many types of drink. With its hygienic pumps from the progressing cavity and rotary lobe pump product ranges, as well as mobile beverage pumps, Netzsch meets that challenge.

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Nemo BH Hygienic Pump
Nemo BH Hygienic Pump
(Picture: Netzsch)

Nemo BH Hygienic Pump: The maximum capacity of this hygienic pump is 140 m³/h for differential pressures up to 24 bar. The pump is suited to a broad range of media from shear-sensitive to abrasive or adhesive materials, including those with extremely high viscosity. For special temperature requirements, the pump housing and stator are also available in a heatable or coolable design. The pump can be installed vertically or horizontally and can transfer media even in largely airless conditions, almost up to absolute vacuum. The Nemo BH is manufactured and tested in accordance with EHEDG and QHD guidelines. All materials, particularly the elastomers used, are approved in accordance with the FDA. The hygienic pump also meets the requirements of international certificates, such as the American 3-A Sanitary Standards and the Russian Gost-R.

Nemo Beverage Pump (mobile version): This pump also operates via rotary displacement. The accurately tuned geometry of the two conveying components, the rotor and stator, creates conveying chambers of the same size on the suction side with each rotation, moving the sensitive medium to the discharge side in fixed volumes with almost no pulsation and without strong shear forces. As there are no pressure reversal points in the system, there is also no pressure fluctuation. The medium is therefore conveyed in a particularly sensitive way. The volume can be continuously adjusted at any time by adjusting the speed and it is even possible to reverse the direction of rotation with ease. Volumetric flow rates of between 500 l/h and 32 m³/h at 4-6 bar can be achieved, depending on the pump size.


Tornado Rotary Lobe Pump T.Sano: The all-metal model with rotors and pump housing made from stainless or specialist steels was developed specifically for the food sector. The pump chamber design eliminates dead space, preventing product deposits and making cleaning easier, either manually or following the CIP process. The lobe rotors are attached cleanly from the outside with quick-fit taper lock ringsets, which makes replacement easier and eliminates screw fastenings in the pump chamber. No solids can be deposited on mounting parts, as all rotor surfaces are smooth. A reliably hygienic process is therefore guaranteed, even for sensitive or perishable materials.

Belt drive synchronisation is a further crucial improvement in the Tornado T2. In comparison to a timing gear, the belt drive is less prone to problems and delivers an even more compact design. In particular, the belt drive does not need to be lubricated. The pump is therefore completely free from oil and excludes any risk of the medium being contaminated. If product leaks out, the Bearing Security System also prevents the medium entering the bearing housing.

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