Equipment Lapp India Expands its Manufacturing Unit

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Lapp India, a subsidiary of the Lapp Group and the leading manufacturer of cables, connectors, cable glands, conduits and accessories in India has announced the expansion of its Bangalore manufacturing facility

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View of the Lapp India
View of the Lapp India
(Picture: Lapp India)

Bangalore/India - The project will increase the Company’s production area from the existing 5227 m2 to 10,803 m2. The facility has the capacity to manufacture 60,000 km of multi core cables and 78,000 km of single core wires per annum. The company has invested approximately 165 million Indian Rupees (2.1 Million €) for this project.

With this new expansion Lapp India aims at tapping into the increased demand for quality control cables in the market. This expansion with state-of-the-art safety and environmental features will enhance the facility layout, ensure better flow for effective lean management and also help generating more space for the new machines to sustain company’s long term growth plans and establish leadership in the control cable market.