Germany: Monitoring the Quality of Rubber Compounds Lanxess Launches Inline Process Control

Editor: Alexander Stark

The Rhein Chemie Additives (ADD) business unit of Cologne-based specialty chemicals company Lanxess is showcasing practical applications of Rhenowave inline process control at K 2016.

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Lanxess manufactures amongst others high-performance synthetic rubber.
Lanxess manufactures amongst others high-performance synthetic rubber.
(Picture: Lanxess)

Cologne/Germany – ADD has already launched Rhenowave internally in an industrial environment at two Lanxess sites for bladder production. In addition, various manufacturers are examining the possible use of the product.

The control has been developed for manufacturers of tires, profiles, technical rubber goods and rubber compounds to enable them to reliably monitor, for example, the dispersion quality of rubber compounds during extrusion. To this end, it is installed on the head of the existing extruder. Measurement is performed volumetrically, non-destructively and representatively. According to the company, this irons out weaknesses of the conventional test procedure, where a sample is taken and later analyzed in a laboratory.