Chemical Industry Lanxess Expands its Business in India

Editor: Dominik Stephan

For the formulation and production of specialized disinfectants to all-purpose disinfectants for use in hotels, hospitals, surgeries, household, institutions, stables and sheds, the business Material Protection Products from Lanxess offers a wide range of active ingredients – phenolic derivatives, aldehydes, and quaternary ammonium compounds...

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Lanxess expands its business in India
Lanxess expands its business in India
(Picture: Lanxess)

Mumbai/India – The active molecules are made available as ready-to-use concentrates for application in household, industry, public institutions and animal husbandry. The Lanxess active molecules are applicable for many personal care and health care products that are used daily and generally come into contact with the skin. Therefore, it complies with regulations related to quality, health and safety requirements for use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, antiseptics and skin disinfectants. Few examples would be liquid handwash, hand sanitiser, antiseptic lotions, antimicrobial gel body washes, deodorant liquid soaps, deodorant sticks or body disinfectants that are applied in the area of wounds. The Lanxess actives for personal care disinfection help to keep pathogenic micro-organisms in check, break infection chains and maintain good health wherever in use.