Plant Projects in Kuwait Boom Kuwait: A Plant Engineers El Dorado in the Middle East?

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Kuwait could become the place to be for plant projects in the Middle East: Swis-American engineering behemoth Amec Foster Wheeler expects the local market to remain strong despite current oil price uncertainties.

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An Amec Foster Wheeler team on-site of a plant engineering project for Kuwait Oil.
An Amec Foster Wheeler team on-site of a plant engineering project for Kuwait Oil.
(Picture: Amec Foster Wheeler)

Kuwait City/Kuwait – “Immediate opportunities for oilfield service providers lie with innovation and innovative approaches if not with entirely new technologies”, stated Amec Foster Wheeler’s Chief Executive, Samir Brikho, at the opening Executive Plenary Session on Future Hydrocarbon Resources: Innovations at the Kuwait Oil and Gas Show (KOGS). He explained that “the industry must be transformed to deliver capital efficiency beyond cost cutting.”

The Middle East market remains strong at a time of oil price uncertainty and Kuwait is a high performing country for Amec Foster Wheeler in the region. The company has delivered services on megaprojects in Kuwait for the past 10 years and is currently executing a number of long-term Project Management Contracts (PMC) for the Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Kuwait Oil Company.

In addition to work in the Oil & Gas sector, Amec Foster Wheeler is also delivering environmental services in the country, including a PMC for the Kuwait Environmental Remediation Project and project management and design review services for the Kuwait International Petroleum Research Centre. The company currently has approximately 850 people based in Kuwait, with plans for future expansion.

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