Project Engineering Keeping up with Engineering Projects

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Emerson Process Management announces the release of Project Data Link, a project engineering environment that helps reduce complexity and accommodate changes in capital projects.

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Overcoming the issues with managing engineering projects.
Overcoming the issues with managing engineering projects.
(Picture: Gerd Altmann (CC0))

As projects become more complex with multiple contractors and stakeholders, Project Data Link helps keep projects off the critical path by efficiently and consistently translating project information, including tag databases and instrument indices, from multiple sources into project deliverables. It mitigates project risk by normalising specifications into a single data source with traceability and an integrated change-management system.

Project Data Link gives multiple suppliers, engineering firms, and other stakeholders access to project information including specifications related to field devices and the distributed control system (including control logic and configuration). In addition, data provided in various formats is normalised so that all information is available in a single, consolidated standard view.

Project Data Link Optimises Project Schedules and Minimises Rework

The integrity of project information is especially important during late project changes. The data link is always up to date, so when a change is initiated Project Data Link automatically reconciles it against what is in the system, identifies what needs to be changed, automatically sends updates to the DeltaV distributed control system and provides an audit trail of what has changed. This saves time and eliminates errors during the critical late stages of the project.