Nitrile Rubber KBR Works On Nitrile Rubber Project in Texas

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Zeon Chemicals selected KBR to work on it's recent nitrile rubber capacity expansion project in Texas.

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(Bild: KBR)
(Bild: KBR)

Houston, Texas/USA – KBR was awarded a contract by Zeon Chemicals to supply construction services for Zeon's Nitrile Rubber Plant Expansion project in Pasadena, Texas. KBR will take over the project's first phase that aims at increasing the production of hydrogenated nitrile ruber, a polymer used to make items such as belts, seals, hoses, diaphragms and rolls for the automotive, oil field and roll industries, by 25 percent.

“KBR is committed to providing quality construction services in support of Zeon’s endeavour to expand its Texas facility and enable increased production at the plant,” said David Zimmerman, President, KBR Services. “I am confident that KBR’s contribution will result in successful execution of phase one, and we look forward to continuing our work with them in subsequent phases of the expansion.”