USA: Sulfur Recovery Jacobs Signs Licensor Agreement with Pagell

Editor: Alexander Stark

Jacobs Engineering signed a sulfur recovery technology licensor agreement with Paqell, a joint venture between Shell Global Solutions and Paques, for use of its Thiopaq Oil and Gas technology in refineries and gas treating facilities across the globe.

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Paqell is a joint venture between Shell Global Solutions and Paques BV.
Paqell is a joint venture between Shell Global Solutions and Paques BV.
(Source: Shell International Ltd)

Dallas/USA — This agreement positions the engineering services provider as the only gas treating and sulfur recovery licensing company to license this technology to low capacity sulfur facility owners.

Thiopaq O&G is a biological process which integrates gas purification with sulfur recovery in a single unit, resulting in high sulfur recovery levels at reduced installation and operating costs. This process involves sulfur components, such as mercaptans (R-SH) and hydrogen sulfides (H2S), being removed from a gas stream and converting them into biologically formed sulfur. Expanding Jacobs’ Comprimo Sulfur Solutions technology portfolio, this biological process offers ways to reduce chemical waste which poses both environmental and safety hazards.

Comprimo Sulfur Solutions provides licensing, engineering, procurement and construction services to gas treating and sulfur recovery plants around the world, such as adding new units, increasing sulfur recovery efficiency, adding more processing capacity through gas treating enrichment or oxygen enrichment, and conducting sulfur degassing and handling.

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