CRIOX System - Rotary vacuum dryer/powderer


Powdering while drying CRIOX® System: the only rotary vacuum dryer with electric lump breakers.

Completely removes all types of solvents and crushes any residual lumps. A mix of power and intelligence to ensure maximum quality and productivity. CRIOX® System, a milestone of Italvacuum product range. Italvacuum, a global manufacturer of vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. CRIOX® System, the ideal double-cone rotary vacuum dryer/powderer for drying humid material after centrifugation or filtering processes. Double-cone revolving chamber, but not only: with a pair of powerful lump breakers CRIOX® System breaks down any product build-up to deliver dry powder ready for sieving and bagging.

CRIOX® System is multi-product, suitable for the widest range of crystal or amorphous products.

CRIOX® System is multi-purpose, equally effective as mixer or homogenizer. Also, it is an efficient wet granulator.


CRIOX® System is versatile and profitable, as it drastically reduces downtime for line retooling, cleaning and system inspection prior to product change. Thus, swift transition between product campaigns is assured.


CRIOX® System is safe for operators, environment and product, in full compliance with EC Directives, ATEX and the increasingly stringent FDA rules as well as cGMP manufacturing standards.

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