Jul 20, 2023

A customized solution to optimise APIs and fine chemicals drying processes.

Vacuum piston pump Saurus939 skid configuration with vacuum condensing unit for continuous organic solvent recovery. A customized solution to optimise APIs and fine chemicals drying processes.

For an important Irish customer involved in the production of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical products, Italvacuum designed and manufactured a High Vacuum System at the service of two vacuum dryers, capable of meeting specific process requirements and to work in continuous, ensuring the best possible operational reliability.

The customer requested a Taylor-made solution, which could meet their needs in terms of layout limitations, drying process optimisation and to enhance the removal of residual traces of organic solvent trapped into the product. 

The scope of supply included a skid system with the following main components:

- Saurus939 model VVC - double stage piston vacuum pump.

- 2 Root compressors mod. RO500 and mod. RO2000 to increase the flow rate and guarantee a better final vacuum level.

- vacuum condensing unit, with vacuum regulation system that allows, by adapting the vacuum parameters according to requirements, the total recovery of the extracted solvent.

-  piping with valves and instrumentation, mounted on board.

- skid mounted control panel, Ex proof and ATEX certified.

The installation of the skid, complete with all the mentioned accessories and ATEX certified, has been checked and validated by Italvacuum during the Start-Up, in that occasion also I.Q. and O.Q. protocols filling and operators training have been carried out by the Project Manager, together with a Software technician.

Contact Italvacuum at marketing@italvacuum.com for further informations.