Jan 26, 2023

Plug & Play System

Starting the year with the right foot! Italvacuum just delivered for an important European biotechnology company a Vacuum Tray dryer Model E 0,2 - Plug and play system.

The customer goal was to scale up a laboratory process, but the available space made the compact configuration the main criteria.

After a preliminary study on the project feasibility with our technical team, Italvacuum developed this customized solution according to the customer specific requests.

This tailor - made system consist of:


  • Vacuum tray dryer chamber made in AISI 316L stainless steel, 250 liters volume with 6 fixed heating shelves;


  • Vacuum Condensing Unit;


  • Vacuum Pump


  • Heating and cooling unit;


  • PLC control board;


  • MULTISPRAY® patented complete rapid Washing System allows to wash and sanitise drying chambers and internal shelves in a few minutes, on a repeatable and certified way;


  • Plug and Play configuration means ready to run;


  • Pipelines between dryer and accessories, pneumatic circuit, signals and power are wired on-board and ready to start.

If you are looking for technical support or customized solutions, write us at marketing@italvacuum.com!

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