Conferences/Operational Excellence ISPE Announces Conference on Operational Excellence for Pharmaceutical Industry

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Transformation processes do not wait for the pharmaceutical industry: To adress the technological and operational challenges of tomorrow's pharma-world, the ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, launched a new European conference...

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Brussels/Belgium – The event, titled “Industry Transformation: The Next Generation of Operational Excellence”, will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 17 – 18 October 2013. It will feature two days of intensive education on the new OpEx paradigm in the pharmaceutical industry.

“The pharmaceutical industry needs to embrace Operational Excellence beyond traditional approaches within individual projects and sites into a cultural transformation, stimulating new ways of meeting the needs of our customers and yet meeting the needs of our stakeholders”, explained Robert Lechich Conference Chair, Director Operational Excellence, Pfizer Global Supply. “While some companies have been successful in their deployment, there are still many organisations that have not realised the benefits. I am convinced that this conference is going to be very relevant for industry professionals who will have the possibility to really look for new ideas and to improve the way they do their work.”

Project Lifecycle, Change Management, leadership and Technology

Influential industry experts and regulatory professionals will cover a variety of topics in two parallel tracks exploring four thematic modules: Project Lifecycle, Change Management and Leadership Skills, Process Development and Technology Transfer, and Expanding Operational Excellence Principles within the Manufacturing Networks. These will include an examination of strategic and operational approaches to achieving Operational Excellence.

The conference will also feature in-depth discussions about the key challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing today such as drug shortages, the time required to bring products to market, how to achieve regulatory compliance, and the need for continuous improvement within the manufacturing and project environment.

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