Plasticisers Investment in Sweden Strengthens Perstorp's Plasticiser Business

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Perstorp wants to grow in plasticizers – The company is currently the only only major European player in the plasticizers segment that is building fully integrated capacity with its construction project at Stenungsund, Sweden.

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Perstorp expands its plasticiser production with a new plant in Sweden
Perstorp expands its plasticiser production with a new plant in Sweden
(Picture: Perstorp)

Stenungsund/Sweden. – Considerable recent investments have enabled Perstorp to achieve high cost competitiveness for its general-purpose plasticizers, such as Emoltene100. These investments have also included the development and launch of a new polyolester plasticizer product named Pevalen, aimed at sensitive applications.

The company now plans to exhibit a part of its portfolio at Plastpol 2014, especially plasticisers for outdoor use and consumer applications. “We will soon have one of the most competitive plasticizer production platforms in Europe, and Plastpol 2014 is a perfect opportunity to present our plasticizer range to the growing and increasingly important East European plastic materials market”, stated Jerker Olsson, Perstorp’s VP Business Unit Oxo.

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