Automation Software Invensys Supplies Automation for Refinery Project in Russia

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Automation for Russia's oil industry: Invensys announced the completion of the first phase of a main automation contractor project at the new Yaysky oil refinery in Kemerovo, a city in Russia’s Kuzpass region.

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The multimillion dollar agreement sees the company implement integrated control and safety systems for the Yaysky refinery in Kemerovo.
The multimillion dollar agreement sees the company implement integrated control and safety systems for the Yaysky refinery in Kemerovo.
(Picture: Invensys)

London/United Kingdom – During this multi million dollar project, Invensys provided control and safety solutions, including field instrumentation, process analytics and valves for the refinery, including its Foxboro distributed control system, Triconex emergency shutdown systems and Foxboro measurement and instrumentation solutions, as well as new visualization and configuration tools.

“Invensys were our partner throughout every stage of the project, showing great competence and responsibility as the general contractor for the applied technical solutions, as well as managing all the work within the project. Their real-time control, safety and instrumentation solutions will help us meet the strong, growing demand for gasoline and diesel fuel in the Kuzpass region without compromising our commitment to safety, quality and sustainability,” stated Alexey Medvedev, IT director of NefteKhimService JSC.


Joint Effort for Refinery Automatio

The company will also provide comprehensive installation, engineering, development, support and on-site training services. During the execution of the project Invensys played a key role in the selection of suppliers and contractors, managing the supply chain and improving the efficiency and transparency of pricing to optimize the total cost of ownership of the project.

“For this project, Invensys went beyond the traditional vendor-supplier scope of work and focused on the priorities and needs of the customer in the broadest sense of the word. This was truly a joint effort that involved teams from across the complex, from studying optimal technical solutions at the development stage to the hard work at the delivery, installation and commissioning stage. We look forward to working with NefteKhimService JSC to help Yaysky become a world-class refinery,” said Boris Muratov, general manager, Invensys Operations Management, Russia.

Processing Three Million Tons of Crude per Year

The Yaysky facility is designed to process 3 million tons of crude oil per year. After start up, it will annually produce more than 400,000 tons of gasoline and 1.5 million tons of diesel fuel, satisfying more than 60 percent of the fuel consumption needs of Russia’s Kuzpass region, located in southwestern Siberia. The successful first phase sets up the refinery for the next two phases of implementation, which will expand production to 6 million tons of crude oil per year and increase oil conversion to 93 percent.