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Interview: Willing to Invest for Productivity

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PROCESS: Which verticals do you think have more potential in the Indian market?

LORENZ: We are quite happy with our growth achievements in all the verticals in India. With the Indian market being quite attractive currently, we foresee more investments by international players in many sectors. We are also seeing many of our Indian customers going global and establishing their presence outside the country, along with our Process Automation teams from India.

There is also a willingness among the users to invest into high-tech solutions to drive productivity. In a world driven by technology know-how and population, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is slated to be the third biggest market by 2020. We also see a boom in the dairy sector where we have been very successful in providing DCS solutions. We also see investments in the chemical and petrochemical industry and a growing consciousness to invest in the water and waste water treatment sector.

PROCESS: Please tell us about the latest process controller SIMATIC PCS 7 CPU410-5H, addressed for the process industry.

PROCESS: It is a powerful, versatile and rugged CPU for the process industry in sectors such as chemical, oil and gas/ refineries, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, cement, metals and pulp and paper. Currently the fastest and most powerful controller in the market, it covers all applications, application scopes, and performance ranges with a single hardware and firmware platform. The newly introduced dimensioning model runs by means of process objects. Users define the capacity required of the system. The fieldproven ruggedness of SIMATIC Controller was increased by conformal coating of the main board and further robustness measures. This new PCS 7 Controller comes as a high-performance version in terms of speed, memory and communication. It also has a failsafe design by default and is equipped with all functions for safetyrelated applications.

* The author is an editor of Vogel Business Media India

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