Solar Thermal Processes

Interview "Solar Thermal Processes hold Huge Potentials for India"

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How Solar Thermal Processes Could Achieve the Breakthrough...

PROCESS India: How are you planning to disseminate and popularise this technology in India?

Dr. Kedare: We conduct training courses. Recently in May 2012, we organised one such programme in Mumbai to create awareness. This is being done by MNRE (Ministry of New and

Renewable Energy) as well as other institutes. Detailed training courses are also being planned for engineers in future.

PROCESS India: What is your message to the Indian process plant owners?

Dr. Kedare: My message is – solar energy can be used to deliver medium to high temperatures beyond the flat plate heaters or evacuated tubes. Lot of ground experience is being accumulated

by few of the companies. Systems are now more reliable and optimally designed. The economic benefits in the long-run are very high considering the fuel oil prices increasing at 14 to 15 per cent per year.

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