Solar Thermal Processes

Interview "Solar Thermal Processes hold Huge Potentials for India"

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What about the Monsoon? Speciality Solutions for Indian Customers

PROCESS India: Considering monsoon and other cloudy days, what is your comment on the commercial viability of this technology?

Dr. Kedare: Many parts of India have up to 250 to 325 good sunny days annually. In such cases, the project is viable. However, the integration is very important. Also, the system’s reliability,

ensuring that it is coming from a good professional group and good solar system efficiency are important factors. This helps in running the system even during low radiation levels.

PROCESS India: What kind of R&D work is being done on it in India?

Dr. Kedare: Through research, efficient and high temperature solar systems like – Arun Fresnel Paraboloid Dish have been developed, different testing methods have been developed, and integration optimisation methods also have been developed.

Lots of developmental issues related to reliability, system cost etc., are now being addressed through R&D. Good ground experience is being generated.