Wastewater Pumping “Intelligent Impeller” Stops Clogging Damage

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

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A new centrifugal pump impeller promises to significantly improve the handling of wastewater containing large proportions of solids, according to manufacturer ITT Water & Wastewater. The Adaptive N impeller for the company’s Flygt N series of pumps lifts automatically as required to stop solids from building up. The first pump available with the Adaptive N impeller is the Flygt N 3085. The ability to handle solids is a significant factor in the efficient, safe pumping of wastewater. For over 10 years, the Flygt N pump has been one of the most cost-effective, clog-free wastewater pumps on the market, claims the company, thanks to an impeller whose blade edges are sharply bent to the rear, plus an additional deflector. These features ensure that solids cannot accumulate on the impeller hub or the blade edges; instead, they are channelled through the hydraulic system and transported away with the help of the relief groove in the counter ring. The new and patented Adaptive N impeller goes a step further, moving axially as required to clear solids more quickly. This prevents any risk of clogging and reduces wear on the impeller, housing, bearings and seals. Pump efficiency is not affected because the impeller only moves away from its ideal position when required. Field tests in Europe confirm that the new impeller is both extremely reliable and energy-efficient.