Machinery Directive Integrated Security Solutions for the New European Machinery Directive

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The coming change of the European Machinery Directive casts its shadow before: Rockwell recently presented integrated security solutions for the packaging industry to meet these changes.

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From January 1st 2011 the European Machinery Directive no longer refernces EN 954-1. (Picture: Rockwell)
From January 1st 2011 the European Machinery Directive no longer refernces EN 954-1. (Picture: Rockwell)

Anyone building or supplying machinery for the packaging industry should circle the first of January 2012 in their calendar. This is the day the European Machinery Directive no longer references EN 954-1 as a safety standard and anyone currently certifying their products according to EN 954-1 might have to rectify their Declaration of Conformity. Rockwell recently presented their new concept of functional safety at the Interpack trade fair showing how integrated applications meet the coming change of the machinery directive. Integrated safety combines standard and safety control in the same system thus helping to reduce downtime and increase productivity, the company claims.

Fully Compatible to the New Machinery Directive

Rockwell also provides new safety library files fully compatible to the free engineering software Sistema. These files contain data for all of Rockwell's machinery safety products. Users can enter this data directly into the free Sistema tool, which can help to calculate the attained Performance Level (PL) from the safety-related parts of a machine’s control system, as outlined in EN ISO 13849-1.

Furthermore, the company issued a free booklet titled 'Safebook 4 - Principles of Machine Safety; Legislation, Theory and Practice'. Recently updated, the booklet now incorporates more information on EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC/EN 62061, application examples with performance level calculations and offers guidance on the principles of machine safety, relevant standards and methods of safety implementation.

Rockwell Automation has also published a variety of whitepapers and videos on this topic on it's website.