Namur General Meeting

Integrated Engineering over the Entire Lifecycle

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“Siemens has supplemented its portfolio in a systematic manner since the turn of the millennium through its own developments and the acquisition of different software companies. As an obvious trendsetter, Siemens now aims to reduce product launch durations by 50% and more. I regard the Namur Annual General Meeting as an opportunity to demonstrate to users how they can enhance the cost effectiveness, efficiency, quality and transparency of their plant”, says Eckard Eberle, CEO Industrial Automation Systems, Siemens.

How Integration Brings Benefits for Projects

Using individual plant lifecycle phases, the presentation will illustrate how information flows based on a common, object-oriented data model increasingly merge via interfaces for the information exchange between the computer-aided engineering tool (CAE), the process control system (PCS) and maintenance planning to create an uninterrupted electronic workflow. Integration optimises process engineering, thus leading to shorter project durations. Automated data comparison ensures that the latest plant documentation is available at all times. Current and engineered data can be accessed in the event of maintenance.

Data Sampling and Tranfer: Key Step for Process–IT

A great deal of process data to be manually processed is, in part, already transmitted completely automatically today to different systems. In addition to being employed in Process Planning and Basic Engineering, equipment data which was previously only exchanged using measuring point sheets can also be utilised through web-based tools with appropriate interfaces in Purchasing for procurement purposes. This avoids manual inputting, while simultaneously increasing the time available and enhancing data consistency.

How to Achieve Total Overview

It is important during operation that the plant operator at all times maintains an overview, despite the wealth of information and increasing complexity involved. Use of optimum CAE equipment planning and PCS equipment management is associated with a need to exploit relevant data in the process control system (PCS) and asset management.

This enables safe and foresighted decisions to be reached for greater system availability. The complete compatibility of equipment integration required for this is achieved through the FDI (Field Device Integration) equipment standard.