NAMUR 2013 Annual General Meeting (Short Version)

Integrated Engineering captures the mood of the times

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Everyone is currently talking about Integrated Engineering. Siemens, the sponsor of this year’s Namur Annual General Meeting, shows some of the solutions that are already feasible. From the automation perspective, Integrated Engineering means forging a link between CAE and control systems, integrating the device data and creating workflows which run as smoothly as possible across all disciplines. This is not yet a reality. Many CAE systems are stand-alone solutions, and as a result it can take a lot of effort to transfer data from one system to another. This wastes a lot of time and there is an increased risk of errors creeping in.
What users really want is a unified system. Three-fourths of the users who took part in the most recent PROCESS survey expressed the need for an integrated system.

In their presentation, Eckard Eberle and Hans-Georg Kumpfmüller highlight the contribution which powerful, intelligent tools from Siemens that integrate the engineering, operation, repair and maintenance functions can make to holistic engineering throughout the entire product and system lifecycle. This has genuine real-world advantages. Instead of FAT on test systems under difficult conditions which are anything but realistic, realistic testing can now be carried out on virtual systems. Other examples are included in the presentation which also takes a look at Industry 4.0.