Crop Processing Institute Suggest new Technologies for Crop Processing

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology has been developing new technolgies for crop processing, including methods for drying and puffing of fruits and cereals...

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New Delhi/India – In 2011-12, IICPT developed a multipurpose yard drying equipment for paddy drying an on-farm fruits and vegetables washer and a millet puffing machine. It also developed an on-farm vegetable grader fluidized thermal disinfestation unit and a low friction huller for shelling and polishing.

In 2012-13, the technologies developed by IICPT include: smoking kiln for fish and a meat, makhana popping machine, a continuous amla deseeder, a neera (Beverage) from toddy, pneumatic grain pump, a continuous steaming system for paddy parboiling and a tender coconut cutting and juice extraction system.

New Developments for India's Food Producers

In the current year, the institute has developed an on- farm leafy vegetable washer, an on-farm washing cum wax coating machine for banana, a ripening chamber for banana, a continuous UV treatment system for surface sterilization of leafy vegetables and a cane sugar peeling machine. The Indian Government has approved up-gradation of IICPT to a national level Institute at a cost of one billion Rupees (around US $15.6 million).

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