Switzerland: Saltigo at Chemspec Europe Insect Repellent in Demand due to Zika Virus

Editor: Alexander Stark

At this year's Chemspec Europe exhibition in Basel, Saltigo has amongst other showcase their insect repellent Saltidin, which is in strong demand due to the outbreak of Zika virus.

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Saltigo specializes in complex chemical and technical processes.
Saltigo specializes in complex chemical and technical processes.
(Picture: Picture: Saltigo)

Basel/Switzerland – “Chemspec Europe is and will remain a key industry meeting point for us in all aspects of exclusive synthesis and fine chemicals,” says Dr. Torsten Derr, Managing Director of custom manufacturing specialist Saltigo. This wholly owned subsidiary of specialty chemicals company Lanxess is thus once again showcasing its wide range of services for synthesizing chemical active ingredients and intermediates at this year’s 31st International Exhibition for Fine and Speciality Chemicals, which is currently being held at the Basel Exhibition Center.

A recent example of Saltigo’s developments Saltidin. This insect repellent has recently been experiencing a sharp rise in demand as a result of the Zika virus, which has now spread around the world. “We recognized the potential of Saltidin and the resulting growth in demand at an early stage and therefore gradually started to adapt our production capacity to market needs,” says Derr, adding: “We truly believe we can meet the demand not only in Brazil and the United States, which remains high, but also the impending rising demand in Europe with the start of the mosquito season.”


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