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Editor: Dominik Stephan

Romaco will take advantage of the upcoming Mumbai trade fair to present innovative solutions for aseptic filling, tableting, granulation and coating of pharmaceutical products based on Macofar, Kilian and Innojet technologies.

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Romaco's Macofar Micromaxx 18 microdosing machine offers solutions for aseptic microdosing
Romaco's Macofar Micromaxx 18 microdosing machine offers solutions for aseptic microdosing
(Picture: Romaco)

Mumbai/India – The exhibits on show will demonstrate Romaco’s extensive expertise when it comes to processing pharmaceutical liquids, powders and granulates. The innovative Macofar Micromaxx 18 microdosing machine will make its first appearance in Asia since its successful world premiere at Achema 2015.

The Macofar Micromaxx 18 microdosing machine offers solutions for aseptic microdosing. It is equally suitable for processing both pharmaceutical powders and sterile liquids and meets all the requirements for downstream freeze-drying. The Macofar Micromaxx 18 features a dual dosing disc which allows multiple dosing into the same vial; alternatively, the product can be filled in two separate process steps. Thanks to the new weight control system, all vials can now be weighed individually for the first time. The Macofar Micromaxx 18 is the fastest in the market today with one hundred per cent weight control, and an output of 12,000 vials per hour. It can be equipped with various containment systems owing to its modular concept.

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The newest generation of Romaco’s Macofar LVI 6 was specifically developed for handling sterile ophthalmic medications. This double indexing machine achieves a maximum output of 150 glass or plastic bottles per minute. The monobloc design of the aseptic rotary filler unites the three main operations, namely liquid filling as well as the application of the dropper and screw cap. This compact machine is moreover ideal for use with an open RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System). A special recirculation system can be integrated in the product tank for filling suspensions. Microbiological checking, particle presence checking and nitrogen flushing before and after filling the bottles can be supplied as options. The 100 per cent torque control provides optimal process control in case of eye drops. The Macofar LVI 6 can be flexibly configured and is available with weight control on request.

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