Research & Development Innovation Back on Track: R&D Efforts Reach Pre–Crisis Levels

Editor: Dominik Stephan

As the economy in major markets slowly recovers from the economy crisis, R&D expenditures are reaching pre–crisis levels again. In 2011, R&D investments grew by 7.6%....

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One-year R&D investments f the Scoreboard companies
One-year R&D investments f the Scoreboard companies
(Source: The EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboards)

Especially in the US and the EU, companies boosted R&D budgets: Investments in inventions rose by 8.9%, well above the world average, despite the difficult situation in several European markets. While America and Europe are more or less on par in terms of R&D investments, US companies significantly outperformed Europeans in terms of sales growth (12.3% versus 4.9%) and profits (plus 12.4% for US compannies vs. 3.5% for Europeans).